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Are you looking for a Window Cleaning Estimate? Contact us for a quote. Take A Few Moments and Answer Our Questions. Please be aware that all prices are estimated and prices are subject to change once a team member surveys the job site. All price changes require client approval before completion of work. Be assured that we do not share or sell personal information about you except when we have your permission. Our Services Page May Also Be Able To Help!

Tell Us Anything you’d like about your window cleaning project so we can get you a window cleaning estimate. You can tell us how many square feet your home is, if you’d like your windows cleaned inside and out and how many stories your home is. If you have a business please also let us know as many details as possible about your window cleaning project. Our Team would really like to hear from you! CAW Staff are happy to also get on the phone with you to discuss your business or residential window cleaning project. ¬†Staff will spend as much time as you need. One of our technicians can also visit your site and look at and discuss your project in person. Sometimes a window washing project can only be judged properly by being there in person. You will also get to know our team and we are pretty sure you’ll like them. We know how important customer service is.

If your home has dirty windows, we are here to help. Don’d hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or bid requests. We answer the phone! Most window cleaning companies are hard to get a hold of, not California Window Cleaning! We answer the phone almost every time. If not, we will call you back promptly. You can also email

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