Interior Window Washing makes for Cleaner Glass!

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Interior Glass Cleaning is a Must!

If you are thinking about cleaning your residential windows you should strongly consider cleaning both the inside and the outside. Also known as interior windows and exterior windows. We have many customers and window cleaning clients alike who just want the exterior of their home windows cleaned or washed. Once this process is completed they then realize that the interior of the glass is also dirty. The level of dirt and debris on the interior was not visible before the exterior was clean. Once the exterior of the glass was cleaned then it really became clear that the interior was dirty too! No pun intended.

We are experts at cleaning the inside of your windows!

California Window Cleaning staff is trained extensively when it comes to cleaning the interior of glass in your home. They wear protective booties when they enter your home to perform the glass cleaning service. They are also extremely conscientious when it comes to your personal belongings. Our staff will enter your home and carefully clean the windows with as little disturbance as possible. They also smell good. Normally our preference is to clean the glass on the inside of the house prior to the exterior if possible. Or in many cases one person will do the inside while another starts on and completes the outside windows.

Process for different types of Windows

It’s not that important what type of windows you have. If your windows are French windows with multiple panes and slats then it can be a bit more challenging to clean the inside. Our process is usually the same. A window mop and a squeegee are the main tools. If there are extra bits or dirt on the windows we’ll get that too, usually while the window is wet with a scrubber pad. If the windows are up high and high in quantitly we may use a water fed pole that uses spot free water. This is done only for exterior of glass. Interior glass is almost always cleaned using a mop and squeegee action. Get your squeegee groove on. Some cleaners have mastered the single stroke squeegee move where others will use straight lines. A single stroke is faster and more efficient. It’s not easy though. It requires a very specific technique.

Water Run Off

Clean windows do usually require a little bit of soapy water application to the window itself. Where does the water go when you squeegee it? It gets moved across the windows with the assistance of gravity to the bottom of the glass pane. Some evaporation happens and the rest gets absorbed by the technicians soft cloth. At this point in the cleaning process the window is almost clean. Just a few last touches and it will be done. The process is much the same for both interior and exterior windows. The main difference is accessing the window and how dirty the actual glass is. Sometimes a screen can play into the process as well. This process also includes cleaning of the frame. We use the soapy water that came off the window to clean up the frame if needed. In most cases this works really well. In some post construction clean up scenarios it requires a bit more cleaning action.

Window Cleaning Frequency

It is true that you can have the interior glass cleaned half as often as the exterior of the windows. This is true for almost all window types: Vinyl, wood, metal or other frame-less windows. The exterior of a window is exposed to the elements and weather. The interior is usually not. A layer of dust can deposit on the interior of the glass but it happens slowly. More moisture exists outside which plays a big part in dirt being visible on the exterior side of a window on your home.

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