Skylight Window Cleaning

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Feeding clean water to a pole

Water Fed Pold In Action

Tough to reach Skylight Window Cleaning!

Have some tough to reach skylight windows? We are experts at skylight window cleaning! Cal today 310-980-2227 or go to our website and we will help you out today! Our team of specialists will come out and clean your windows and skylights. Many situations are dangerous and precarious. We perform these feats safely with minimal risk. We have the tools to get the jobs done safely every time or we wont do it! It is rare that we meet a window or skylight we cannot clean. We are happy to come out and take a look if you need us to. Many times it’s cheaper than you would think! Looking up and seeing a gross skylight window is such a drag. California window cleaning is here to help. You’ll never have the headache again because we can help. Skylights can be two stories up and require a ladder inside to reach. We also have a few methods other companies do not with poles and dry cleaning processes. This can be much cheaper than the alternative of getting a ladder inside your home. Many customers are concerned about this method anyway. We do have inside friendly ladders with cushions that do not mar you walls. The best thing to do is just have us come out and look to see if we can reach those tough skylights. California Window Cleaning are the experts and tough skylight window cleaning. Many people just leave those windows and skylights that are tough to reach for years and years. They get dirtier and dirtier. If you keep up on the regular maintenance the truth is that they will be much easier to clean on each visit reducing your overall cost. You have nothing to loose, just see what it costs with a no obligation visit. Many times they can even do the work right there on the spot.

Other Tough to reach windows

Sometimes we see these windows that are not quite skylights and not quite windows. They are usually at an angle. They pose a lot of problems for many people as far as keeping clean. Not for California Window Cleaning. Get your phone out and call us today, we are happy to get you a quote and give you our honest opinion on window cleaning of your tough to reach windows. You never know until we get out there and see what it entails. Our experts are friendly professional and they always come up with a safe way to clean your windows. You’ll never want to go another month with dirty windows again. When we see dirty windows we know we can help. If you live in the Pacific Palisades then you may have some of these tough to reach windows and skylight window cleaning challenges that we mention. The hilly terrain there makes for a challenge but we are up for it. Almost any day of the week we have one of our teams there in the Pacific Palisades and can easily come over and assess your project. Our technicians are happy to help. Great window cleaning at great prices. You will never find a better window cleaning server than California Window Cleaning. Our Service is second to none. Get a quote today for free. If you have a beautiful home there is no sense in disturbing the appearance of it with dirty windows. Your dirty windows can ruin the look of your home. Skylight window cleaning can also really improve your living experience. We will always do the best job and create a better place to live in. Your friends and family will be impressed.

Santa Monica & Pacific Palisades Skylight Window Cleaning

Do you live in Pacific Palisades or Santa Monica. If you do then you have windows and they need to be cleaned. The marine layer comes in and deposits water which dirt then sticks to. Your windows probably get dirty about once a month and need cleaning. The windows that are hard to reach are probably the ones that get the least attention. We suggest you get them clean a lot more. We want to do this for you!





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