Cleaning Challenging Windows

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Challenging Windows

Have you ever seen window cleaners with a long pole and a brush on the end of it cleaning challenging windows? There is a flow of water streaming down from the end of the pole. This is known as a “tucker pole” and it is a great window cleaning tool. So how does it work? It feeds de-ionized water to the end of the pole and into the head of the brush. The window cleaning technician scrubs the window with the brush fed with the water. The de-ionized water has nothing in it and therefore leaves no water spots when it dries. How nifty is that? It saves an incredible amount of time, there are no ladders to put up. The amount of time you spend cleaning is cut down by about 90%. Of course, if the window needs to be scraped with a razor blade it does not help you.

The structures that expert window cleanser use vary and lots of custom design their very own primarily based at the forms of homes they’re servicing the maximum. A big majority around the us use transportable water tanks so one can bring as low as 50 gallons, or as a good deal as 275 gallons which is pumped up the “California Window Cleaning” to the window. Small corporations whose majority of their clients are people with restricted entry to (like behind a home) use trolleys or backpacks to move a small field and pump unit. there are corporations that manufacture portable purification systems which are about the dimensions of a rectangular window cleaning bucket

There are numerous homes in which it isn’t uncommon for get entry to to be confined due to the manner a shape is constructed, or the neighboring buildings’ proximity prevents elevate or ladder get admission to. a few buildings might also have structures in region so the window cleaners can descend from the roof but for one cause or any other it isn’t feasible, or the tie backs want to be corrected and so on…on most buildings this technique is sincerely the most secure and the most cost effective manner to have the building’s challenging windows cleaned.

The gain of California Window Cleaners technicians and device is that they leaves home challenging window cleaning, frames and mullions purifier than with a squeegee. It removes greater dust from the grooves on window frames and it reaches home windows in locations too dangerous to put a ladder. No rental system is wanted, bringing costs down. no employees ever go away the ground, preserving workman’s comp down and keeping injuries to a minimum provided right education is in vicinity with the agency that uses those tools. plus, it cuts the time to get the process done by using approximately 60%! for the belongings manager, that’s a dream! the less people on their assets the higher.

Also California Window Cleaning structures may be used within the rain as rainfall will no longer re-activate any cleaning soap residue that causes white rain spots. elite window washing uses several water fed pole cleaning structures in its san diego commercial challenging windows cleaning arm.

Presently as of this updated writing, we supply 12 water-fed pole systems, eight of that are the maximum superior in the global made via gardiner and other manufacturers and are natural carbon fiber making the poles mild weight and inflexible which in turn keeps fatigue to a minimum as compared to cheaper, heavier poles.

The less costly, heavier poles are crafted from aluminum. a few are made from pure fiberglass. at the same time as poles made of those substances can be able to get the job done, and plenty extra effectively than a conventional squeegee could. In the palms of an untrained character it may be very risky. These poles made of those substances have a tendency to bend. Operators are much less probably on the way to manipulate them at heights.

We’ve tried to cover the most not unusual subjects and questions that our industrial clients ask. However, if you have a query that isn’t spoke back in this page, or you require similarly statistics, please touch us and we can be glad to speak about your query.

In the challenging windows the cleaning industry costs are inflated because of risk. The greater the hazard the better the charge, as chance cash is then carried out. Additionally the hiring of high-priced lifts and using conventional commercial window cleansing strategies that takes 50% or 60% longer inflates fees substantially. Due to the fact there is no risk and no high get entry to gadget required, we are able to bypass on those savings to our customers.

Right here is an example. We could say that the constructing you spot in this photo is yours. The principle lobby/entryway is the tallest part of the building. You can’t placed a ladder on that glass. There aren’t any tie backs at the roof to make any kind of drops, and whats more is, its simplest 46 toes to the highest factor. There may be no need for tie backs at the roof from the builders view and rightly so. So the handiest choice with out using a water-fed pole is to get a lift and do it by way of hand-till now. Challenging windows are our specialty.

We don’t use a water fed pole in Pacific Palisades California very much… We use the standard window cleaning method with a window mop or T bar (t-bar) and a squeegee. We have a bucket and all the tools needed to clean windows. The frames and windows get a real authentic deep cleaning. Those ocean breezes really keep them dirty and we try our hardest to keep them clean. Boy do we have our work cut out for us.


As an instance just one 60 foot articulating boom lift for a in the future apartment here in santa monica and pacific palisades california will price approximately $500: Drop off, choose up, gas, tax and so on…and only 2 guys at exceptional may be in that carry. There need to usually be someone on the floor running protection, making challenging windows simply that one single elevate a three individual activity. So labor for 3 folks and the price of the lift condo similarly to how a good deal paintings can be accomplished in in the future by way of the ones humans inside the raise will fee somewhere within the range of two thousand. Greater or less relying on ability level and other elements.

Will cleaning Challenging Windows with a water fed pole will save us money?

Challening Windows in phrases of how a lot is a hard one to answer as every business window washing job is exceptional and has its very own issues and complexities. however via beyond experience and customer feedback, on common, we’re saving our customers round 35-forty% of their total commercial window cleansing costs, via the use of this gadget. this is in contrast with the more conventional strategies used before, inclusive of ladders and so on.

Do we need helmets? Is this a dangerous thing to do?
Sure: due to the fact the operators paintings from the safety of the floor and no ladders or different systems are used. Industrial window washing has never been better in terms of people staying safe.

Are the poles heavy and what is the way that your staff manages it so high?

It relies upon at the fabric that the pole is fabricated from. Aluminum and fiber glass are extraordinarily heavy and very hard to control at heights over 30 ft. carbon fiber poles are the lightest and simplest to control at heights of as much as eighty feet!

The poles that we presently use are crafted from pure carbon fiber. Previously we used aircraft grade aluminum poles, however we had determined those items to be previous in contrast to the more rigid and lighter, taller water-fed poles that we’re using now. The poles weight approximately 6 pounds and underneath. Very tall units that we station one individual on the roof of the building securing the top of the pole with a rope until the pole can be reduced and easily controlled.


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