Window Cleaning is Essential in Pacific Palisades CA 90272

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It is essential that your windows are clean! If your windows are dirty then your home looks dirty! One of our favorite places to clean windows is in Pacific Palisades, CA with a zip code of 90272. The weather is nice and the windows tend to be new. We do a lot of gutter cleaning there too. It is right next to Santa Monica. Sunset Boulevard runs through Pacific Palisades straight down to PCH or Pacific Coast Highway. One of the best things is the Getty. The Getty is truly a beautiful place. They have a lot of windows there. We drive our trucks over to Pacific Palisades with our ladders and our squeegees and window cleaning equipment and clean the windows on those fine people’s homes. The homes there in the 90272 area code are pretty close to the ocean and so there is this marine layer that comes in and gets everything just a little moist. Then dirt flies around and sticks to the wet windows. We call this the marine layer but it’s really just science. The science of dirt sticking better to a wet surface. We have many customers in Pacific Palisades who get their windows and gutters cleaned on a regular basis. California Window Cleaning rewards re-occurring window cleaning with a discount. If you are in need of an ongoing service we will give you a discount. Some home in the region, chautauqua canyon pacific palisades that leads up to sunset are protected from the marine layer a little more.

They have a great community! Check out their chamgber, linked below!

Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce – #CommitToThePalisades!

Take a look at the map when you get a chance. It is a great area, there is a lot to do there and a lot of windows to wash!,+Los+Angeles,+CA/@34.0442315,-118.5268144,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c2a37a08897a89:0x4f7c6b3e45e83223

If you have never driven through Pacific Palisades you should! Its a hidden little section of Los Angeles that does not get frequented unless you have  a reason, we go there often. There are many celebrities that live in this area, it is quite affluent.

Back to window cleaning! Did we mention that we clean windows? I bet by this point you knew that. So as we were saying before, we like to go up there into the “PP” 90272 California with our trucks and wash our customers’ windows. We also clean around the windows, sometimes known as the window sill. We also clean the screens and we clean the tracks. Track cleaning may add a little to the cost but not much, unless they are really dirty then it will. Our experienced staff actually prefers window cleaning in Pacific palisades because of the easy windows and the weather. Other parts of LA can get really hot! Like in the SFV or the Valley as some people know it or refer to it. I think that is why pacific palisades is a great place to live. It is expensive though. Real estate prices in Pacific Palisades are very high. I hope people search for pacific palisades window cleaners, or window washers. it’s funny, the term window washer and window cleaner basically mean the same thing and people usually search the latter. Window Washers sound old fashion. Pacific Palisades window cleaning companies are very popular. Pacific Palisades window washing service on the other hand is not as much.

If you live up there in the 90272 area code then I urge you to reach out to us or go take a look at our website. We can help you out. We can wash your windows, we can clean your windows, we can wash your screens or do screen cleaning. We may even be able to do a little pressure washing for you. Power cleaning is also a term for this. Do not hesitate to reach out to us though we are happy and friendly and professional as a service. You know it! It is really just my privileged to give jobs to some hard working people. Thank you to the Pacific Palisades community for helpling us out with all the window cleaning work. We do truly appreciate it. If there is some chance you are still reading I thank you too. We do mostly 3 story buildings, and there are not a lot of homes that are 3 stories. There are many many 2 story homes in Los Angeles but not as many 3 story homes. If you have a 3 story home you are in a small group.

There are 3 story condos but not single family homes. I am getting low on things to write about, trying to make it to a word number or certain number of words. Supposedly 1200 is the magic number. Do you know if that is true, if so please email me at Siding! and Skylights, I can write about those two things. We like stucco and do not care for sky lights. They are hard to clean but we do it anyway and do not complain. We like to clean windows on the first floor, that is the best. It is easy. If you are in Pacific Palisades California and cleaning windows on the first floor then I think that it does not get better than that. So if you climb up on the roof of a house and you need to clean the windows and the skylight then it is a chore. You will never catch us complaining, other than here, about that. Do you like clean windows and do you live in Pacific Palisades CA. Then I got the service for you! California WIndow Cleaning.

Now get ready for the discounts! If you read this and tell me code 1283984j I will give you 50% off your next window cleaning job. Max of $250 discount though. Whew, so close, I am 250 words away! I can do it. Just like I can clean windows. I like cleaning windows. Home owners generally do not like to clean windows. If you have the right equipment and are able bodied, then its not a bad job. You can make a decent living. Everyone knows how expensive it is to live in Los Angeles. For most people having clean windows is a luxury or something they do themselves. There is such a trememndous collection of homes in Los Angeles, and an even nicer collection in Pacific Palisades, surrounding Sunset Blvd. Again, have you driven through there? You must! I like to do that on a weekend, just drive through there. Working there is not bad too! Lots of windows with window frames and screens and gutters that all need attention. So why not give us a call or visit our website. I will take the best care of you and treat you like you are my only customer. You will get a discount and have clean windows. I am a big fan of clean windows. You can see the ocean from a lot of the homes in the pacific palisades. That is why it’s a great place to work. So give us a call and get it done. The other window cleaning services there or companies that wash windows are not as good as California Window Cleaning. We just do it best. Whew! Made it to the mark. Thanks for reading.


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